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YCAPS Intern Makes Huge Contributions

YCAPS benefitted greatly this summer from the contributions made by Stacy Lin, an intern at the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies who served at YCAPS Programming Director. Dedicated and capable, Ms. Lin coordinated events, developed social media campaigns, drafted announcements, managed the membership roster, executed logistics duties, and advised on improving YCAPS’ outreach initiatives. Throughout her time at YCAPS, she was proactively engaged, helping on all levels and offering consistently great ideas about how to make the group better. In return for her work, she was able to develop programming experience and join senior-level meetings such as an engagement between the YCAPS President and the Director of the Japan Coast Guard's International Affairs Section.

Ms. Lin is a student at King's College London (KCL) majoring in International Relations
in the Department of War Studies. While she was in Tokyo this summer she also made significant contributions to an advanced research project on Japanese maritime security capacity building initiatives in Southeast Asia and conduct independent research into Sino-Japanese relations. A native of Taipei and fluent in Japanese, she hopes to work in Tokyo once she graduates from KCL

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Ms. Lin and YCAPS President, John Bradford, collaborate at Temple University Japan's Insitute of Contemporary Asian Studies.