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YCAPS hosted its second online webinar on google-meet with Rear Adm. James “Jamie” Kelly (Ret.)

On June 7th, YCAPS hosted its second online webinar, reaching approximately 40 YCAPS members by using the platform, google-meet.

Rear Adm. James “Jamie” Kelly (Ret.) spoke with YCAPS members about the strategic importance of Yokosuka for U.S. national security and the crucial, mutually beneficial nature of the U.S.-Japan alliance. Kelly reflected on his time as commanding officer of Task Force 70 and U.S. Naval Forces Japan and shared stories of the great friendships he built along the way with his Japanese counterparts. Kelly addressed audience questions ranging from the rising tensions with China to his thoughts on female pilots and the role of women in the armed forces. Kelly ended his webinar with an emotional reflection on his time in Japan, the challenges he overcame, and the honors bestowed on him at his retirement.