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YCAPS and Japan Expert Insights organize guided hike in West Odawara

The hike was led by YCAPS Executive Committee member Richard Walton.

By Kotaro Watanabe

YCAPS Ex-Com member Dr. Walton led a group of over 20 people, both YCAPS and Japan Expert Insights members, on a hike in the West Odawara area on December 9th. This was the first time YCAPS joined an event with Japan Expert Insights, the latter of which offers resources and information about Japan for expatriates, as well as consultancy services. Members of both organizations enjoyed lovely weather, great views and learned about the region’s history and heritage. Some of the points along the walk that Dr. Walton explained include the Nebukawa area, damage from the 1923 earthquake, the train and rail history of the area, Nebukawa stone used for the construction of Edo Castle, mikan orchards, Sanada Reisha temple/shrine, Ishibashiyama Battle site, and more. It was a great opportunity for the members to network and become familiar with both YCAPS and Japan Expert Insights.

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