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YCAPS and Japan Expert Insights organize guided hike in Kamakura

The hike was led by YCAPS Executive Committee member Richard Walton.

By Giorgi Mamisashvili

On January 27th, a diverse group of individuals, ranging from engineers to filmmakers, embarked on a cultural expedition through the historical treasures of Kamakura. Organized by YCAPS and Japan Expert Insights (JEI), this event not only offered a delightful experience but also served as a platform for both Japanese and non-Japanese participants to engage in networking and discussions on contemporary issues. This hike was guided by YCAPS Ex-Com member Richard Walton.

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The day commenced with visits to five notable temples, each contributing to the rich tapestry of Japanese history and spirituality. Engaku-ji Temple, renowned for its serene atmosphere, set the tone for the day. Participants then explored Tokei-ji Temple, Jochi-ji Temple, Kencho-ji Temple, and Jufuku-ji Temple, each providing unique insights into Japan's cultural and religious heritage.

Our knowledgeable guide played a pivotal role in enhancing the experience, providing not only essential facts about the temples but also weaving narratives of Japan's past events. This added layer of historical context elevated the visit beyond a mere sightseeing tour, allowing participants to appreciate the profound significance of each location.


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One remarkable aspect of the event was the diverse composition of the group. Professionals from various fields shared their perspectives on Japanese culture and history. The exchange of ideas among participants added a dynamic element to the tour, enriching the experience for everyone involved.

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Following the temple visits, the group reconvened near the station to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of a Turkish craft beer establishment. This informal gathering provided an excellent opportunity for participants to unwind, further fostering connections among the diverse group.
YCAPS and JEI, as organizing bodies, demonstrated their commitment to creating platforms that bridge cultural gaps and facilitate meaningful interactions. Both organizations focus on fostering an environment where individuals, regardless of nationality, can come together to discuss contemporary issues, including regional security, politics, and business. The event, therefore, served as a microcosm of the inclusive and intellectually stimulating environment that YCAPS and JEI strive to cultivate.