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The Expanding Missions and Rising Prominence of Southeast Asian Coast Guards

YCAPS hosted an off-the-record discussion with Professor Captain Satya Pratama (Indonesian Coast Guard) and Commander Jay Tarriela (Philippine Coast Guard) as a part of its Indo Pacific Maritime Hour webinar series. The speakers provided their perspective on why Southeast Asian Coast Guards have been growing in terms of missions, resources and prominence. They touched on the biggest challenges facing these forces and the range of maritime threats that they must address. Captain Satya Pratama discussed the multiple jurisdictions of Indonesian maritime agencies, including the Bakamla and eight threats to sea safety. Commander Jay Tarriela  highlighted a range of topics, including: a possible Coast Guard arms race and why the Coast Guard was created, including a comparative analysis of domestic and external factors and the roles of the CG vis a vis the Navy. These Coast Guards are engaged directly or indirectly with tasks that include sovereignty protection, maritime resource management, anti-piracy, counter-terrorism and other law enforcement activities. 

 By Patricia Yarrow for YCAPS