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Jan. 19 YCAPS Policy Dialogue Webinar: The Geopolitics and Trends in Supply Chains Shifts

On January 19th, 2022, over 80 participants attended the webinar “The Geopolitics

and Trends in Supply Chains Shifts”, offered by Dr. Amitendu Palit, a Senior

Research Fellow and Research Lead (Trade and Economics) at the Institute of South

Asian Studies, National University of Singapore, in conversation with moderator Dr.

Stephen Nagy, a senior associate professor at the International Christian University in



Throughout the conversation, Dr. Palit illustrated the geopolitics and trends in supply

chains shifts through discussions on diversification, repositioning, and resilience of

supply chains. Following his remarks, the event expanded these discussions through a

Q&A on various points, such as the difference in the interests of relevant actors or the

potential gains of the decoupling of supply chains, highlighting challenges and

possibilities of supply chain shifts. The event provided a valuable opportunity to

explore the drivers and direction of supply chain diversification in the Indo-Pacific

region, as both speakers and participants shared and exchanged their views actively.


By Sema Gelegen for YCAPS