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YCAPS organizes guided tour to the Arita Pottery Festival and Ceramics Museum

The event was led by YCAPS member Keiko Mitchell.

By Jeff Mazziotta.

On May 4th, a group of YCAPS members, ranging from young children to energized seniors, embarked on a event filled expedition through the history of pottery in the region. Organized by YCAPS member Keiko Mitchell, this event not only offered a delightful experience but also served as a platform for participants to learn more about the unique cultural heritage of the area they live in. This hike was guided by YCAPS member Keiko Mitchell.

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The day commenced with a visit to the Arita Ceramics Museum, where members enjoyed creating their own pottery designs through the museums digital screen pottery creator. The group spent a lot of time letting thier creative juices flow as they tried their hand at design. Another highlight of the museum was the beautiful porcelain clock which has different designs to match the season.

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The group moved from Arita to Kami-Arita by shuttle bus and then enjoyed a walking tour of the old market including visits to an old-fashioned local sweets shop next to the oldest and largest ginko tree in Arita. It was a hot day so the group then expored the more well shaded back streets of the market, walking along the Tonbaibei- traditional walls made from the ceramic of old kilns. Keiko introduced these walls to the group while eating a local sweet that is designed and named after the walls.


The day continued with an enjoyable time perusing the various small shops and vendors of the porcelian festival including a chat and photos with a famous local porcelain artist Mr Hisaki Shomura of Banko kiln. Mr. Shomura's comes from a famous family, his father and grandfather also being notable porcelain craftsmen. The group then enjoyed coffee at a special cafe that is only open during the festival each year. Keiko used her local knowledge to find this hidden treasure, every member was able to enjoy a great cup of coffee in a beautiful porcelain mug that they could keep for a souvineer.

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At the end of a busy day perusing the local festival, Keiko organized a great bento lunch for all of the members, a unique and special bento called Go-Tofu "slimy tofu" from a famous local ryotei. This proved instrumental as nearly all restaurants were completely booked during the busy festival weekend.

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The YCAPS group learned a lot about the local area and felt that they could get to know the area better and appreciated YCAPS hosting such an interesting event.