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A Tour of History: YCAPS at Odawara

On November 21st, 2021, Dr. Richard Walton lead a group of 17 YCAPS members on a tour of Odawara. The tour started at Odawara JR Station and finished at Odawara Castle, after which the group had dinner at an Izakaya near the station. Along the way, stops were made at the statue of Hojo Soun (1456-1519), Joeiji Temple, Okubo Shrine, Komine Gakkonnodai (dry moat), Igami Shrine, and the Daikyuji Temple which we were given permission to go inside. It has been a personal hobby and passion for Dr. Walton to learn about these places and their significance, and at each stop he had lots to say about both the history and the contemporary status and purpose of each site. He was often able to tie together the original functions and current conditions of the places and their components, such as parallels between the original and present-day state of cemeteries and religious burial culture. In addition, Dr. Walton’s vast knowledge of Odawara’s history and the broader history of Shintoism and Buddhism gave him the ability to aptly answer participants questions. Thank you to everyone for coming!

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