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Newly Elected Leaders Bring Fresh Energy and Impressive Expertise to the YCAPS Executive Committee

YCAPS is exceptionally pleased to have welcomed five new members to its executive committee. Each is tremendously qualified and brings individual expertise that will be critical to guiding YCAPS in new directions over the next year. Collectively they bring amazing energy and commitment that will enable YCAPS to expand its operations while continuing to consistently execute world-class professional development and network-building events. The five individuals were elected on 4 Sept 2018 and after, an initial business meeting in late September, have settled into their new positions and steaming full speed ahead.

Alli Krug, American Community Relations & Senior Editor of Writers' Circle.

  • Allison Krug, MPH, received her B.A. from the University of Virginia and her M.P.H. (Epidemiology) from the University at Albany, State University of New York. She is currently a biomedical communications consultant with a strong interest in education and foreign policy. Ms. Krug is focused on developing collaborations with technology experts who can speak to non-traditional threats and connect with students interested in exploring career options in cybersecurity.

Leo Lin, Research Activities.

  • Leo Lin received his M.A. in International Relations from Waseda University and his B.A. in Asian Studies from the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University. Currently a researcher based in Tokyo, his research interests include security policies in East Asia, and Chinese foreign policy with a focus on economic statecraft. He tweets from @leozlin.

Stacy Lin, Public Promotion.

  • Stacy Lin received her B.A. in International Relations from the Department of War Studies at King’s College London. She is currently a Master student in International Relations at Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies(GSAPS) in Waseda University, and will be working on the influences of business sectors on Japanese security policies towards Asia-Pacific. In the summer of 2017 she completed a full-time internship at YCAPS.

Aaron Nowlin, Military & Self Defense Force Relations.

  • Aaron Nowlin is a Lieutenant in the US Navy currently stationed at Seventh Fleet Headquarters. Having spent most of his childhood in Japan, he returned as an exchange student to the National Defense Academy of Japan while attending the US Naval Academy, before serving two tours aboard a guided-missile destroyer based in Fleet Activities Yokosuka.

Michael Yuichi Takigawa, Yokosuka City Relations.

  • Michael Yuichi Takigawa is an Associate Professor at Japan's National Defence Academy (NDA) Japan in Yokosuka City. He teaches the Defense Science Basic Course to first year students and leads a seminar on Intelligence Science to students in their final year. At NDA he is also the coach of the sailing team. He previously served as the cheif of the Foreign Language Instructon section at the JMSDF's 2nd Maritime Service School. He has also work at he the Cabinet Secretariat, Ministry of Defense as an analyst.
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Executive Committee members discuss upcoming events at YCAPS' semi-annual business meeting.

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Newly elected committee members (left to right), Michael Takigawa, Leo Lin, Aaron Nowlin and Alli Krug.