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YCAPS Organizes US & Japanese Efforts to Support Mongolian Youth Baseball

YCAPS’ Mongolia Connect is partnering with the Mongolian NGO, MonJiShand (Mongolia, Japan, and I), the Allentown West Rotary Club, and Friends of Mongolia in order to start a new community-relations project. These four NGO’s are coordinating to spread the love of baseball to children in Mongolia who do not have equipment. 

Baseball is very popular in the US and was one of the key elements of building US-Japan friendship in the early decades of the 20th century.  In Mongolia, another good friend of the United States and Japan, baseball is not well known and there is very little access to baseball equipment.  These organizations are looking for an opportunity to support outreach through this sport, but equipment is expensive. 

Baseball equipment will be collected in both the United States and Japan, shipped to Mongolia, and then be managed by MonJiShand in order to introduce as many Mongolian youth as possible to this new program. Long term objectives are tentative, but we are aiming to support cultural exchange programs and opportunities.