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YCAPS & Mongolia Connect Are Pleased To Announce The Success Of Our Third Neighbor Baseball Project!

Since we announced the new Mongolia Connect project, Third Neighbor Baseball, YCAPS has received overwhelming support of our effort to share baseball with our friends in Mongolia. In addition to receiving a new partner, Friends of Mongolia (FOM), YCAPS coordinated multiple meetings with various organizations such as Little League International, the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs Minor League Team, and youth sports organizations all over Pennsylvania. 

We’ve received generous donations of gear from multiple groups and individuals: 

-The York Revolution Minor League Baseball Team donated 60 youth baseball hats.

-The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs Minor League Baseball Team donated 60 youth jerseys, hats, and socks.

-The Muhlenberg College Softball Team donated catcher’s equipment and baseball bats.

-Breinigsville Youth Activities donated hundreds of items, ranging from t-ball stands, to cleats, to bases.

And many more!

We are thrilled and grateful for the generosity of the international community! Through their support, we are striving to establish a well-equipped baseball program where children of all ages can participate in this cultural exchange and strengthen our grassroots relations. 

If you are interested in supporting this project, please consider donating here. Your donations will go into an account designated for this project by the Allentown West Rotary Club. All proceeds will be used to support the cost of shipping or to purchase brand new gear. Thank you!

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