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Indo-Pacific Maritime Hour Features RADM Rey, Joint Commander French Armed Forces in the Asia-Pacific

On 27 Jan 2021, YCAPS hosted its first Indo-Pacific Maritime Hour of the year. Rear Admiral Jean-Mathieu Rey, Joint Commander French Armed Forces in the Asia-Pacific, provided abot twenty minutes of prepared remarks before taking questions from the more than one hundred online participants. He shared incredible insight and a remarkably frank description of

France’s maritime engagement with the region while reflecting on both the challenges and accomplishments of the recent past. As is usual with an Indo-Pacific Maritime Hour, the audience included government officials, regional maritime security specialists and curious members of the casually informed public. YCAPS was also pleased to note that the US Embassy in Suva, Fiji hosted a “watch party” where Fiji government leaders came together with representatives for several other Indo-Pacific nations to join the webinar from a common node.

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