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Good Morning Books: For Families and Inspired By Service in the Western Pacific

YCAPS' celebrated the Month of the Military Child by hosting a webinar with the creators of a children's book aimed at military children growing up on bases in Japan and elsewhere in the Western Pacific. Sarah Murphy and Amy Dobbins were inspired by their experiences as mothers living with their families in Yokosuka, Japan to create a book to provide local connections for children living on or near the US Navy base. Their passion and the project’s success spawned a series. In addition to “Good Morning, Yokosuka,” they have published “Good Morning, Okinawa,” and “Good Morning, San Diego,” is being published now. “Good Morning, Guam,” will be available soon.

Sarah and Amy described why they think these books are important, their collaborative experiences, and the feedback their work has received. They also discussed the challenges and opportunities for small business owners operating internationally from the U.S. base in Yokosuka. Elaborating on their entrepreneurial experience, they shared the daily struggles that they needed to overcome to bring their ideas to life. The Q&A portion brought many of these details to light, including the handling of logistics, illustrations, and more.

Kelly Langley for YCAPS