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Farewell to Darian Wilson, YCAPS leader

Darian Wilson is currently Director, Public Affairs Operations, Plans and Policy for Naval Special Warfare Command in Coronado, CA. Before that, he worked in the Public Affairs Office for Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Japan. During his time in Japan, Darian served on the board of YCAPS from 2016 - 18, including a stint as YCAPS Vice President. He was also the critical leader who developed the YCAPS brand and helped to promote our group to various new audiences. Specifically, he developed our logo, built this website, and taught us how to establish a memorable organization. He even persuaded the other board members to disregard our original name in favour of YCAPS, which is both a better representation of what we do and much less awkward. We recently had a chance to ask Darian a few questions about his time in Japan and with YCAPS. You can read his answers below. We wish Darian fair winds and following seas as he begins his next assignment back in the USA.

When did you first come to Yokosuka?

I moved to Yokosuka in February 2015 to become Deputy Force Public Affairs Officer for Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Japan. I first came to Japan in 1989 and had visited Yokosuka many times over the years before finally coming here to work.

What did you appreciate most during your time in Yokosuka?

I think Yokosuka is one of the nicest places to live in Japan. I love the rolling green hills and beaches. It is also very close to Tokyo which makes weekend trips to the city an easy option. I was also very grateful for the wonderful people I met and was able to work with on base during the course of my daily work.

What drew you to help out with YCAPS?

I first decided to attend a YCAPS event as the topic was related to my work. After that first event, I decided to become more involved as I saw it as a great way to meet and interact with an interesting group of people and also to learn about new things at each event. The group was still fairly small when I joined, so I also thought I might be able to help in getting the word out about some of the great activities that the group was sponsoring and hosting.

Any advice to Americans in Yokosuka?

Join YCAPS and get involved in other ways with people, groups and activities outside the gates of the base. There are so many great things to experience and discover in Japan, so you just have to have a sense of adventure and go see what you can find.

Any reflections on the community?

The people who live and work in Yokosuka provide a critical link to the U.S. -Japan relationship. For many of us, the opportunity to live here as a part of this community will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance. More than anything, I will miss the people and friends I met while there. Yokosuka is a very special place made that way by the friendships and partnerships that are formed every day. I will miss the community and being a part of YCAPS. I wish those who follow the best of luck in all that you do.