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Exciting News from YCAPS University Chapter!

Big things are coming from our team at YCAPS University Chapter! Beginning next month, a new career development series will be launched, where established professionals are invited to come share their career experiences, trajectories and stories with the next generation. In line with the Chapter's goals, this series will give students and future professionals the opportunity to work with professionals and gain crucial insights into career paths in different fields, including International Relations, Public Relations, Politics and more. This will help students prepare for these paths, avoiding potential pitfalls and benefiting from the hard-earned lessons learned by those who have already walked them. 

 the University Chapter will also continue it's successful series of student-led policy and IR talks on topical issues in the region and beyond. Additionally, it is now sharing fellowship opportunities and calls for papers in it's facebook group, which you can join here. YCAPS strongly encourages any university students, from undergraduate to PHD level to look into the invaluable opportunities our University Chapter team has on offer!