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Discussion with the Ambassadors of Lithuania and Ukraine to Japan

On March 24th, YCAPS and ICAS invited Mr. Gediminas Varvuolis and Dr. Sergiy Korsunsky, the Ambassadors of Lithuania and Ukraine to Japan to a panel session on Japan’s relationship with Eastern Europe. Joined by over 50 participants, the discussion was moderated by Professor James Brown from Temple University Japan. Both Ambassadors began their remarks by highlighting the long-lasting relationship between the two Eastern European countries and Japan, and shared their visions for further cooperation among the three countries in the future based on the common values of democracy, human rights, rule of law, etc.

During the hour-long Q&A session, the audience raised a broad range of questions. Primarily focused on the two countries’ positions toward issues regarding Russia and China, discussion topics included territorial disputes, international trade, human rights and COVID-19. The extensive discussion reflected the growing interest in Eastern Europe among the Asian public, and echoed what the Ambassadors said in their remarks: there is much room for further cooperation between Ukraine, Lithuania and Japan.

Alex Chou for YCAPS