Consequences Of The New PRC Coast Guard Law: A Conversation With Pete Pedrozo

On March 30th, over 45 attendees joined YCAPS for the “Consequences of the New
PRC Coast Guard Law” webinar under the Indo-Pacific Maritime Hour Series (IPMH). The
speaker was Professor Raul “Pete” Pedrozo, the Howard S. Levie Chair on the Law of Armed
Conflict and Professor of International Law in the Stockton Center for International Law at the
U.S. Naval War College. The event was moderated by Blake Herzinger, WSD-Haneda Fellow of
Pacific Forum and CIMSEC Singapore Chapter President.

The webinar began with Professor Pedrozo providing insights on the historical context
and status quo of the newly enacted Chinese coast guard law. Following his analysis, Professor
Pedrozo also discussed the inadmissibility of the new law under the United Nations Convention
of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). After the prepared remarks, the Q&A session addressed the
potential geopolitical consequences following the ratification, and why dialogue at all levels is
imperative. Professor Pedrozo's slides can be downloaded here.

Hasumi Tani for YCAPS University Chapter

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