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YCAPS Completes FY2023 Community Conversations Seminar Series Program with The Sasakawa Peace Foundation

YCAPS recently completed the FY2023 Community Conversations series in partnership with The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF), successfully delivering 24 events in six U.S. base-hosting communities throughout Japan. Once per quarter, experts delivered seminars on security-related topics in Misawa, Fussa, Yokosuka, Iwakuni, Sasebo and Okinawa. The events consisted of a reception, a talk by experts and a Q&A session, which on all occasions led to engaging and open discussions.

YCAPS is extremely grateful to SPF for the opportunity to carry out this program. We look forward to continue engaging with these communities. 


Download the 2023-2024 YCAPS-Sasakawa Peace Foundation Community Conversations Program Report here.