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China-Russia Naval Cooperation: Event Summary

On May 10, 2022, Brian Waidelich, a Research Scientist at CNA’s Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Division who also serves as Director of Maritime Security at YCAPS, spoke about China-Russia naval cooperation at YCAPS’s Indo-Pacific Maritime Hour. The webinar was hosted by Dr. Asyura Salleh, Special Advisor of Maritime Security at YCAPS, and joined by over 80 participants. 

During his presentation, Brian discussed past trends and possible futures of China-Russia naval cooperation in four areas: technical cooperation, contacts and exchanges, combined exercises, and maritime patrols. During the lively Q&A session that followed, Brian fielded questions on topics including China’s perspectives on Russia’s military performance in the current war in Ukraine, the degree to which China’s navy depends on Russian technologies and equipment, and the implications of China and Russia’s cooperative and competitive interactions with third-party countries.