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Captain Kentaro Furuya discusses the newly-adopted Japan Coast Guard Control Guideline in Fussa

On 5 October 2023, YCAPS held its third Community Conversation event in Fussa, Japan. This event featured the esteemed presence of Captain Kentaro Furuya from the Japan Coast Guard, who delivered an enlightening presentation on the topic of the role of the Japan Coast Guard in armed conflicts as outlined in the newly established Japan Coast Guard Control (“JCG Control Guideline”). Followed by that were comments from the guest discussant Dr. Garren Mulloy from Daito Bunka University

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Captain Furuya, drawing upon his extensive expertise and experience within the Japanese Coast Guard (JCG), effectively conveyed the fundamental principles and values captured within the recently developed guidelines. The structure of his presentation followed this sequence: (1) an introduction to the JCG and its responsibilities, (2) an exploration of the JCG's role in armed conflicts through an introduction to the JCG Control Guideline and its implications, and (3) the future prospects and emerging challenges.

The event further benefited from the valuable insights provided by the guest discussant, Dr. Garren Mulloy. Dr. Garren posed several critical questions, not only from a security and diplomatic standpoint but also on behalf of the general public, which added depth and dimension to the discourse on this important issue.

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One of the standout features of this event was its ability to draw a diverse audience, ranging from undergraduate students to esteemed professors and professionals hailing from various sectors, including the Air Force, Japan Self-Defense Forces, and the International Committee of the Red Cross. This diverse audience contributed a rich array of perspectives during the engaging Q&A session, making it an exceptionally fruitful and enlightening experience for all participants.

Discussant Captain Kentaro Furuya stands at the front of a seminar room, giving his comments on Dr. Ishii's presentation

 Through this event, we have concluded that under special circumstances such as armed conflicts, Japan Coast Guard will remain its civilian status while carrying out the duties listed as below:

Evacuation and rescue of residents

Provision of information to ships and support for their evacuation

Search and rescue and life-saving

Vigilance against terrorism and other threats

Measures to respond to large numbers of evacuees

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