Blue-Eyed Samurai Sail -- May 23-24
Sail across Sagami Bay aboard the schooner Miraie on a voyage from William Adams' fief in Yokosuka to Ito, the Izu Peninsula resort town where Adams launched the Shogun's fleet.

Let waves rock you to sleep as you spend the night in bunks aboard the ship. Optional activities include lectures on Adams and martime security, mast-climbing, navigation training and an on-deck BBQ.

Ashore in Ito, we'll end with a visit to the location of Adams' shipyard.

On sale until April 15. All sales are final.
*After purchase, fill out our registration form at
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Tickets for this educational sail from Yokosuka, Kanagawa to Ito, Shizuoka are available for $320 USD per person. Price includes all meals and activities. On sale until April 15. 
*After purchase, fill out our registration form at
All activities will be offered in English and Japanese.  Many of the crewmembers and facilitators are bilingual.
The embarked expert on William Adams will be Mr. Mike Perrin. A nautical archaeologist focus on Japan and the Pacific, Mike has also been examining Japan’s post-medieval maritime interaction with Europe at the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology since 2014. He has lived and worked in Japan for over three decades. The embarked expert on maritime security will be John Brdford, President of YCAPS and Fellow at Temple University Japan Campus. While serving in the U.S. Navy for more than 20 years, John authored more than 30 publications on Indo-Pacific maritime dynamics.
All sales are final, but tickets can be transferred to others.  This event has a minumum number of participants required.  If there is insufficient interest the event will be cancelled and the full ticket price will be refunded.
Departure and arrival times are pending confirmation of dock space and tides. Expect to depart Yokosuka around noon and arrive in Ito in the early afternoon.
Planned meals include a BBQ on deck the evening of May 23. One soda or beer is included. Additional beverages may be purchased. Breakfast includes traditional Japanese foods. Coffee and hot water for tea are available for free in the galley. ​
Sleeping arrangements are bunks equipped with curtains and lights with extra space to store a large backpack. The bunks are in two berths separated into male and female quarters. Mixed gender groups will be divided into the male and female bunkrooms. Small drawers are available under the bunks for books or small items. Showers are available.  
Participants will be responsible for their own arrangements for travel onward from Ito. Trains depart Ito station regularly taking about 75-120 min to arrive in Yokohama. Depending on class of service, tickets are JPY1700-3200. YCAPS will provide tailored travel advice to those who join the sail. 
Families are welcome (min. age 10 years).
More info about about the ship at Contact
Known as the “blue-eyed samurai” and "Miura Anjin," William Adams was an English navigator working aboard a private fleet from the Netherlands when his ship reached Japan in tatters in 1600. Adams went on to build the first Western ships in Ito harbor and prove his worth to Shogun Ieyasu as an advisor and diplomat instrumental in opening trade. 2020 marks the 400th anniversary of his death. Other commemorative events are planned across Japan. His life was the inspiration for James Clavell’s novel "Shōgun" and its eponymous TV miniseries in 1980.
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